Assistance to the children and families who are living in difficult circumstances

Assistance to the children and families who are living in difficult circumstances

In the past time, children of Esaan region living in remote villages after schools always were in the rice fields and playing around from catching crabs, fish and fun with every surrounding environment. All of these things were good experiences for the children to learn their natural and cultural ways of life. However, Esaan is still in its conventional way of life. Circumstances are changing all the times, Esaan people need to change and adapt social lifestyle and living condition. Consideration made to social impacts within decades to lives of Esaan children, it had been looked like -nothing’s changed- especially the consideration pointed to ‘progress of life’. Some children of Esaan are living in a new and modern technological environment, they don’t care about their indigenous background and get ready to move away to other provinces or abroad. During the way to go for living, their lives are in fragmentary elements; education and life skills. This is a forced factor to make their life’s choice limited and turned down to misery. Some of these young people lost their life’s dignity since young age. Once it is reconciled to re-start a new life, it may be terrible difficult to do it since a whole life is never been taught about diligence and persistence. Unfortunately, some of them were facing situation of unexpected families and new babies. Without any preparedness and family planning, they didn’t have sufficient parenting skills and being in trouble of raising their children. Some of them refused such great duty by giving kids to grandparents. Time passed by, once they are getting old and older, they come back home in Esaan and to raise little babies who born from their neglected children.

Definition of ‘children living in difficulties’, we defined all children who are living in risky and dangerous situation and environment to their physical health and education possibility. We also extended to cover the children’s families. Because, without families, children are not able to survive and grow up. Family has an important role and duty to support as well as manage risk and danger to child’s growth.

It needs to ask a question that – is there any child-related problem happened to children of rich families? Answer is YES. What problems to the children of rich families are almost the same ones happened to children of poor families for example of disability since birth, malnutrition, aggressive and violent behaviors, addicted to computer game and smartphone… Thus, it could assume that poverty is NOT only single factor to cause problem in children. So, what realistic root-causes of the problem?

No matter who they are from; rich or poor families, children are in need of ‘Real Mother’ to raise and take care of them, especially in a golden period from 0-6 years old; a time to create and connect relationship and attachment among mother and children. This is a basic element leading to EF-Executive Function for the children. ‘Real mother’ in this definition could be either a mother who give birth and life or other person (s) who raise the children in every day since they are young babies. Referring from this perspective, can you consider, what is the root-cause that makes problem and difficulties to children?

The most important consideration we take into our priority of project implementation is an opportunity to develop and upgrade quality of life of the children where we visited them at homes. A visit at home will give us a clear understanding of situation where we supposed to do and help the children to meet a better condition and prior to a higher level of development. For example, sick children with serious diseases must be treated and received good medical care and services. After healing, they are in good deem to have education and life skill development based on their developmental age.

For the children of poor families living in risks and dangers from possibility of violence including wrong doing behavior, no matter what root causes from inappropriate parenting styles or abandoned, FCYD Foundation on behalf of registered organization for child protection in accordance to Thailand’s Child Protection Act will work closely with responsible organizations in the areas as a group of ‘multi sectoral team for child protection’ in order to visit and investigate all related issues at the children’s houses. Resolutions will be discussed and agreed among the parents or caretakers. This is as an enforcement to ensure safety and security for the children to live and grow in a healthy way and deem appropriate as they should receive.