Volunteer with the Teach Thai Students Program

Volunteer with the Teach Thai Students Program

Teach Thai Students Program has been initiated for many years and opened for both Thai and international volunteers to work for development of Thai students in rural areas. Main activity of TTS is an educational camp for students of primary education schools. The camp is aimed to promote basic information and knowledge of key subjects; Thai language, English, mathematics, sciences and social studies with specific purpose of ‘potential development’ for students. In addition, various learning activities and games would be supportive materials to make them inspire and look forward to learn new things in the future as well as motivation for higher educational opportunities.

Covid situation is one of major factors impacting to the progressive development of Thai students. Long period of absence to schools and without chances to learn and to play with friends, it is crucial movement that negatively impacted to students’ cognitive development. On the contrary, whenever they are addicted to games and social online communications and paid long hours in a day to smartphones, it’s high level of risk and danger to health and brain development for the children. And in a bad case of neglecting parental style, children are forced to collect inappropriate actions and behaviors; no rules and no self-control. When it comes to happen every day, children eventually would not be able to perform their basic function of daily routine responsibility; ‘wake up-shower-wash face-brush teeth’. All these things seem to be the hardest actions and control for the parents.

These negatively-developing behaviors are critically impacting and as key obstacles to teaching and student development in schools. In schools, when students; physical and braining preparedness are not in good status and conditions, they would not be able to fully pay attention to the classroom and participation. It means ‘disadvantage’ to learning efficiency. For some cases of unfortunate occasion to meet irresponsible teachers, it’s tragedy of the students to grow up without the right and proper knowledge.

Goal of the TTS Program

Target groups of TTS Program are students of small-scale primary education schools (Pratom-suksa) located in rural areas of upper Northeastern (Esaan) of Thailand. In regard to the mentioned above problem related to child-regression and obstacles to cognitive development, FCYD Foundation has reviewed and improved procedural implementations of educational camp and learning bases. Key word is a new-normal which means ‘adaptation & preparedness’ of the students to go on their capabilities with stable consciousness and safety. Furthermore, students would be able to truly understand their based-life foundation (selfness) and surrounding environment. Students need to review all kinds of situations around themselves. This would be beneficial to develop their learning mindset. The new mindset will be a new base and challenge for social skill development within thematic method of ‘teamwork and relationship building’. The new TTS’s camp learning bases have been designed appropriately to meet and response to students’ differences; from junior to higher class of primary education (Pratom Ton to Pratom Plai) and individual subject. Knowledge communication is arranged in a view of interactive function and in a mood of ‘fun & happy’ games. Difficult content is needed to be simplified in order to support the students’ limited potentialities to reach wider scope of learning opportunities. However, game methods are flexible and easy actions for young students of Grade 1 and 2 to fully participate in activities.

Opportunity for TTS Volunteers

FCYD Foundation is pleasure to recruit Thai and international volunteers who have good qualifications and competencies to perform ‘TTS Volunteer’ and be a part of FCYD’s development program for the children of Esaan region. Please send your information and work background to FCYD’s email at fcyd2014@gmail.com