A little boy sitting in the green circle with the two hands together at the chest in sign of respect, it means, the children have been given good education and development based-Buddhism principle. Eventually, they become to be good boys and girls who have good basic characteristics and life skills. It is a strong foundation for their lives to move on in the future. The green circle means social and environmental awareness. Understanding to the surrounding contexts would help them to improve self-potentialities to meet quality of lives.

December 2009

Initiation of The Fellowship Foundation for Child and Youth Development (FCYD) was created from common intention of good friends whom had been studied together the same faculty of humanities and social sciences from Khon Kaen University since 1984. The mission was called “Baan Dekdee Nong Khai” [A House of Good Child in Nong Khai province] and purposed to help vulnerable groups of children and youth as well as other humanitarian assistances to ensure resilience and good living conditions for the young children in target areas. To manage the assistances, there were 2 prioritized implementations; a) development of life skills for youths and b) immediate assistances to the children who were in high risks and dangers that possibly caused from physical & mental abuses, poor living conditions and difficulty circumstances (a cause to leave or drop out of school) and serious sicknesses.

  • Implementation of development activities and initiatives was received good cooperation and supports from both of public and private organizations whose visions about child and youth development e.g. local authorities and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Subsequently, such great cooperation led to significant success of the child assistances including networking among relevant organizations.
  • Because of an association for Baan Dekdee Nong Khai based on voluntary partnership and assistance that was not yet registered and officially recognized by local authorities. All helps and assistances given over to the selected children including life skills development activities were the whole funding supported by all good friends and contributions collected from donation boxes placed at different offices & shops in Nong Khai town. With an understanding to the limited funding sources, direction of the planned assistances was based on related social context and fact of the funding limitations. Being as one of the social mechanisms for child development, what we can make it best… is to do it with the most tolerable efforts within such grant affordability. However, such work method depended on funding uncertainty, it seems not good enough to stimulate the work progress and enrichment to different kinds of social development issues. Baan Dekdee Nong Khai has contributed and proved successful performances of the assistances for some years. It is deemed appropriate and consent by all ‘fellows’ to register Baan Dekdee Nong Khai officially in order to be a foundation for child and youth development. Ultimate goal of the foundation is to promote basic principles of child protection, right to education to have all relevant sectors and stakeholders to ensure quality of life and education for the children.

October 2014

The Fellowship Foundation for Child and Youth Development (FCYD); as a consequence of Baan Dekdee Nong Khai is officially approved and registered to be a public charity organization in according to the announcement No. 5/2557 of Nong Khai Foundation Registrar (Governor of Nong Khai Province). Significant objective of the foundation is to develop child and youth to have quality and standard in relevant development sectors including education, intelligence, virtue and good moral. The FCYD is under management of the committee and advisors who expertise in different areas of child and education development.

The Fellowship Foundation for Child and Youth Development

Popular motto on National Children Day of Thailand is ‘Children are the future of our Nation’. It is the truth of all. The FCYD would hold this as inspiration and work principles on child development. Below is a logo of the foundation.