Development of the Children in Orphanage Houses

Development of the Children in Orphanage Houses

There are 2 orphanage houses in Nong Khai province that FCYD Foundation has been providing assistances to heal the children for many years.

  • Sarnelli House located in Baan Donwai village, the House was founded by Father Shea since 1998 and initially providing assistance to help the children with impacts from HIV/AIDS. Up to present, the assistance has been included all kinds of difficulties that probably cause risk and danger to the children; poverty, illness, neglected and domestic violence. Assistance is included basic services of residential houses, foods, education, healthcare, life and vocational skill development. There are all ages from new born to adolescent at 18 years old living in the Sarnelli House. At present, there are about 100 children in our service.
  • Baan Mitmuandek located in Nong Khai town and operated for more than 20 years. Service and welfare provided for abandoned babies and young children. It has residential house with child caretakers 24 hours service. Baan Mitmuandek is also working collaboration with international organization in order to find out potential foster families to adopt the young children as foster child in their families. At present, there are about 10 children in the house.

FCYD Foundation has been a good fellow and work partnership for child development together for many years. Key development activities have been considered and selected as mutual cooperation based on appropriateness of the topics and situations. However, key content is about capability building to strengthen up ‘strong self’ of the children. They need to learn more and more since they are growing up every day; from young children to adolescents. They need to learn not only academic subjects in schools but also social skills that would lead them to have happy living conditions. Different child-related development activities, we’ve implemented each year included;

  • Procurement of food grant for all children in the orphanages
  • Academic, life and vocational skill development camps
  • Special teaching classroom during school breaks
  • Study trips to natural and cultural places and volunteer camp
  • Sport and recreational day
  • Training session for caretaker development
  • Celebration of Christmas and New Year

Children, they are in need of help. FCYD Foundation by mutual cooperation with the Sarnelli and Mitmuandek Houses, we’ve been working our best effort to ensure the best quality to develop the children. No matter what difficult circumstances each year we’ve been faced, we never stopped to help them. Donation to help the children, you can see detail stated in the topic ‘Donate’ herein this website. For who want to visit the children at the orphanage, please contact directly to FCYD Foundation at telephone and line no. at 089 5399119. Thank you for your generosity to help the children. Best wishes and Anumotana Satu for all.